Together possible – for a living planet

At WWF, we are convinced that we can only tackle the enormous challenges facing our planet and our civilisation by working together – across sectors, borders, people and organisations. Everything we do and achieve is thanks to partnerships – with the public and private sector, civil society and academe, fellow WWF organisations and individuals like you.



Together possible – with the public sector

In 2019 we worked with national authorities and other stakeholders from environment, transport, law enforcement and spatial planning to identify and promote innovative solutions to preserve ecological corridors, address conflicts between transportation and nature conservation, and prevent wildlife and forest crime. This took place within the framework of two major EU-funded projects, ConnectGreen and TransgreenTRANSGREEN, under the aegis of the Carpathian Convention. With Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organisation, we held a series of workshops and trainings for national authorities to improve efforts to address illegal logging in Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Slovakia. We also teamed up with law enforcement and customs officials to tackle sturgeon poaching and illegal sturgeon products entering the market. 


Together possible – with civil society and academe

In 2019 we began new partnerships that significantly extended our reach and stimulated new approaches. We teamed up with the International Scouts Movement to organise Earth Hour events across our region, enlisting thousands of their members to promote awareness and care for biodiversity. Together with ImpactHubs and, we organised a virtual conference on circular economy. We also initiated new partnerships with the WU-Vienna University of Economics and Business and Central European University (CEU) to help educate a new generation of leaders and profit from their expertise. 



Together possible – with the corporate sector

We developed corporate relationships that not only supported regional environmental protection projects, but also drove sustainable business practices. Our long-term partnership with IKEA continued to be at the centre of our efforts to promote sustainable forest management and the protection of our region’s most valuable forests, as well as the local communities and biodiversity that depend on them. WWF and IKEA are working together to increase the area of responsibly-managed forest; identify, map and protect old-growth forest; support forest managers and communities to achieve FSC certification; and push for improved forest management legislation and policy. This cooperation has proved instrumental in driving uptake of FSC in our region. WWF relies on partners like IKEA for their influence and leadership in shaping better business and market practices in the global forest industry. IKEA’s cooperation strengthens FSC credibility and increases the market availability of FSC products; whereas IKEA relies on WWF for expertise and credibility in delivering its sustainability commitments.



The Coca-Cola System’s commitment to replacing or replenishing the water that it uses in its products has mobilised financial support for wetland restoration at ten sites across our region. The mid-term evaluation of the seven-year Living Danube Partnership between WWF-CEE, The Coca-Cola Foundation and the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River revealed that together, we have leveraged nearly €20 million in support for wetland restoration and conservation - particularly from the EU and other public sector sources.

WWF and Mondi Group continued its global strategic partnership to promote responsible forestry, water stewardship and sustainable packaging in the paper sector. In Bulgaria, the partnership has helped achieve FSC certification for 150,000 hectares of State-owned forest. With Mondi’s support, WWF-Bulgaria has mapped high conservation value forests, carried out social impact surveys and provided training and capacity-building for foresters.

Together possible – with WWF partners

WWF-Austria, -Belgium, -Germany, -Sweden, -Netherlands and -Poland not only provided valuable financial and strategic support, but also cooperated closely with us on a range of issues including ecological connectivity, wildlife and large carnivores, and illegal logging and wetland restoration. The WWF European Policy Office supported us through representation, monitoring and engagement with EU institutions, and led pan-European advocacy to preserve the EU Water Framework Directive, the cornerstone of our efforts to conserve and restore rivers and wetlands in our region. We also worked closely with WWF-Adria toward realisation of the Mura-Drava-Danube Biosphere Reserve.



Together possible – with you

Our achievements in 2019 underlined the critical importance of individual people like you for our work. Nearly 10090,000 Slovaks signed a petition to halt wolf hunting. In Romania; almost 3035,000 people protested government efforts to weaken protection for bears. Bulgarian citizens continued to be active in the fight to save Pirin National Park. In Ukraine, volunteer Forest Watchers helped us to protect old- growth forests while volunteer Sturgeon Watchers helped authorities to stop poaching of these critically threatened species.



Posted 10 Nov 2020