WWF Central and Eastern Europe Board

The highest decision-making body of WWF Central and Eastern Europe is the Regional Board, its members being elected from a pool of people of excellence strongly involved in and committed to the CEE region. The Board is making strategic decisions based on management recommendations made by the Regional Strategic Management Team and for all WWF-CEE legal entities. We are honoured to present the members of the WWF Central and Eastern Europe Board.
Sasha Bezuhanova, Chairperson, left a 20-year executive career at Hewlett-Packard to devote herself to supporting social prosperity through innovation, education and collaboration by means of such organisations and initiatives such as MOVE.BG.
Jean-Paul Paddack, Deputy Chairperson, is Executive Director of Network Development  WWF International and oversees the management of WWF’s offices in the Pacific, China, Korea, Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Mediterranean.
Andrea Johanides, Chairperson of Finance Committee, has been CEO of WWF-Austria since 2013, and before that head of finance from 2005. Before coming to WWF, she held a number of finance controller positions in various private sector companies.
Antoine Lebrun has been CEO of WWF Belgium since May 2015. He came to WWF-Belgium in 2011, first as Director for People & Organisation and then Director for Marketing & Communications.
Dr Ladislav Miko is currently the Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Slovakia. He has had a number of senior positions in the European Commission and served as Czech Minister of Environment and Deputy Director of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate.
Jürgen Schmidt is a Board Member of WWF-Germany and the founder and majority owner of memo AG, a company that specialises in eco-products for businesses. He now advises businesses on strategy and management as a “Sustainable Business Angel” and partner at the Terra Institute.
Mihai Stanescu is a psychologist and anthropologist who has been working as a coach and consultant since 2000. He is the founder and CEO of RoCoach, through which he has provided over 10,000 coaching hours in individual, team and organisational sessions to leaders in business and other organisations.
Katalin Szomolányi, until recently headed Corporate Sustainability at Magyar Telekom, leads Planet Fanatics, a network of experts working to realise sustainability projects.
Anna Vronskaya (from April 2020), an international lawyer by training, is a judge on the Ukrainian Supreme Court. She is the former Deputy Minister and interim Minister of Ecology of Ukraine.