WWF strategies to protect the future of nature would not work without the dedication, passion and hope of extraordinary people. WWF's team of of scientists, biologists and policy makers works relentlessly to provide strategic direction and refine the goals and objectives that help shape the strategy of the WWF-CEE network. The Regional WWF-CEE experts are senior members of WWF-CEE leadership. They are bringing expertise and skills from within and beyond the Practice, and from across the WWF network. Please learn more about some of our Regional Experts and their motivation to work for WWF. They stand for all the excellent scientists and highly skilled experts forming the WWF-CEE Team.

Alina Blaga

Regional Policy Lead

working from Bucharest, Romania,  joined WWF CEE in May 2020 as Regional Policy Coordinator. Please read more about Alina's motivation to work for WWF here.

Laurice Ereifeij

Regional Freshwater Practice Lead

based in the Office of WWF-Hungary in Budapest,  started to work in this position in 2012. Please read more about Laurice's motivation to work for WWF here.

Irene Lucius

Regional Conservation Director 

working from our office in Vienna, Austria. She joined WWF-CEE in 2008 as a regional Freshwater Officer after studying biology .... 
Please read more about Irene's motivation to work for WWF here.

Beate Striebel

Regional Sturgeon Coordinator 

working from Bregenz, Austria. She started to work for WWF right after graduating from University. Please read more about Beate's motivation to work for WWF here.

Ana Maria Seman


working from our office in Bucharest, Romania.  She joined WWF-CEE in 2017 and recently switched to the role of the Regional Climate and Infrastructure Lead. 
Please read more about Ana Maria's motivation to work for WWF here.