WWF-CEE and WU’s Institute for International Business continue their cooperation

Posted on 08 Mar 2023
WWF-CEE Chair Sasha Bezuhanova and WWF-CEE CEO Andreas Beckmann met with Jonas Puck, Professor of International Business at WU-Vienna and Vera Kunczer, Assistant Professor at WU - Vienna to extend the partnership between WWF Central and Eastern Europe and the International Business program of the WU - Vienna Economics University

The goal of this cooperation has been and continues to be to understand and promote how business can not only decrease its impact on the environment, but actually deliver the innovation, investment and services we need to address climate change and nature loss and achieve long-term sustainable development.

In the last four years, WWF-CEE established a number of small-scale research projects led by students and jointly supervised by WWF-CEE and WU’s Institute for International Business. For example, projects focused on how to reach net zero emissions targets and how to protect forests and biodiversity in the Danube-Carpathian region. WWF-CEE gives topics for BA and Master's theses that can help us in WWF work, and give occasional lectures and workshops. In future, collaboration in projects may be in the offing as well.

The world needs managers with a strong understanding of nature, ecosystems and sustainability - to manage organisations like WWF-CEE, and to bring an appreciation of the sustainability challenges facing all of us into corporations so that they can deliver the solutions that we need for a sustainable future.

WWF-CEE is thrilled thus far with the collaboration with the IIB department  and is looking forward to continuing the assessment of the effects of economic and social globalization on wildlife conservation in the future.

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