Posted on 06 Nov 2023


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Climate change and demographic pressures are set to worsen water shortages, jeopardize food production in many countries, put businesses at risk of drying and drowning assets, and pollute and degrade natural ecosystems. Yet the private sector has the power to shift this narrative and generate tangible of business benefits while helping solve the triplet water-climate-biodiversity crisis.
Join the WWF webinar “Untapped Opportunities: Navigating Water Stewardship in the Danube Basin” to learn how your business can synchronously mitigate water-related risks and create added value.

Register for our webinar for free and gain actionable insights on:

  • How your company can recognise and reduce water-related risks and lower costs;
  • The concept of water stewardship and the benefits it offers to your business;
  • The role you and your company can have in improving a watershed for those depending on its water;
  • Tools and opportunities you may use to start a water stewardship journey;
  • Preparing for new and upcoming EU regulatory requirements.
The webinar is suitable for investors and representatives from various water-intensive businesses within the Danube Basin, including agriculture, retail, fashion, energy, beverages, insurance, and finance sectors.

10:00      Welcome. Agnes Romet Balla, Regional Lead for Engagement and Resource Mobilisation, WWF CEE.

10:05      Introduction. Collective action in the Danube Basin. Laurice Ereifej, Regional Freshwater Lead, WWF CEE

10:15      State of Freshwater Resources and Biodiversity. Emöke Györfi , WWF CEE Water Stewardship Manager

10:30      Freshwater related Risks and what it has to do with business. Reporting requirements under new EU Regulation. 

                Fatima Bertran de Lis, Denkstatt Austria and Ivan Paspaldzhiev, Denkstatt Bulgaria

10:55       WWF Water Risk Filter. Isabel Meza, WWF Water Risk Filter suite Project manager

11:20       The Coca Cola Company - Water Stewardship Journey.  

                 Jan Burger, Climate & Water Sustainability Director Europe at The Coca Cola Company


11:30       Open discussion. Lead by Isabel Meza, Fatima Bertran de Lis


11:45       End


Fátima Bertrán de Lis  

Fátima Bertrán de Lis is a Senior Consultant with over 17 years of experience at the Austrian office of the denkstatt Group. She specializes in environmental management systems and water stewardship and collaborates on international projects with major companies across various sectors, including food and beverage, consumer goods, and banking.

Ivan Paspaldzhiev

Ivan Paspaldzhiev serves as the Biodiversity Service Lead for the denkstatt Group, based in Bulgaria. He plays a pivotal role in helping companies understand and manage their impacts and dependencies on nature, the economy, and society to create shared value. His expertise spans across the food & beverages, retail, energy, chemicals, metals & mining, and pulp & paper sectors. 


Isabel Meza

Isabel Meza is a WWF Water Risk Filter Officer. She is responsible for managing and delivering corporate partnership risk assessments. With previous experience working with academia and the United Nations University her expertise lies in risk management, sustainability and assessing environmental hazards and vulnerability.







Laurice Ereifej

Laurice Ereifej is the Regional WWF CEE Freshwater Lead, an expert on river and wetland restoration and nature-based solutions, as well as a keen protector of free-flowing rivers and wetland habitats. An expert in international cooperation in the field of river restoration and climate change adaptation, she as well has been part of the Living Danube Partnership from its early years.

Emőke Györfi 

Emöke Györfi is the Regional WWF CEE water stewardship manager, and combines experience in international river and wetland restoration, and know-how in sustainability and sustainable business transformation.

Jan Burger

Jan Burger is Climate & Water Sustainability Director for Europe at The Coca-Cola Company and an expert for water, specifically hydrogeology, soil and groundwater pollution and remediation, industrial water supply and water treatment, water and energy saving programs, environmental permits, quality assurance for the food and beverage industry. Jan is also a passionate freshwater champion and has been involved in the Living Danube Partnership for the CEE region. 








Ágnes Romet-Balla

Ágnes Romet-Balla is the Regional Lead for Engagement and Resource Mobilisation for WWF CEE. Previously leading Marketing and Fundraising for SOS Children's Village in Hungary, she has also had engagements with UNICEF Hungary and worked for multiple PR agencies. 




The WWF webinar, “Untapped Opportunities: Navigating Water Stewardship in the Danube Basin”, is organized under the project "Bridge 2.0", part of The Living Danube Partnership — a unique, long-standing, cross-sectoral collaboration that unites WWF-CEE, the Coca-Cola Foundation, the Coca-Cola system, and the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR). This partnership's primary goal is to promote the conservation and restoration of wetlands in the Danube basin. Learn more about the partnership here.